Welcome to the eUnion! The eUnion is a social media platform customized for the ERAU academic experience. ERAU Worldwide students, faculty, and staff will have access to this platform which will serve as the new Worldwide portal for accessing Canvas and many other tools that students, staff, and faculty use through ERNIE, all in one place! The purpose of this guide is to help you understand the user experience, access training materials, and find ways to engage with the community. Be sure to refer to the guide whenever necessary to help you experience all the eUnion has to offer!

Tech Specs

Windows compatible Yes
Mac compatible Yes
Linux compatible Yes
Mobile compatible Yes
Accessible through Canvas Yes
Browser recommendation(s) Most up to date versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari
Internet Connection Yes
Requires administrative access/executable file download No

Quick Guidance

It's easy to start connecting. Click here to login to the eUnion with your ERNIE credentials. You can also download the app for Android, iPhone and iPad.