Viewing Analytics

Studio offers analytics which allow viewer usage details.

Class Analytics

To view analytics, locate the media, and select Insights. The Insights tab displays a graph with total viewer usage. The vertical axis lists the number of viewers who have looked at the video and the horizontal axis lists the length of the video.

Accessing analytics through insights link

Individual Student Analytics

To see more specific information about each viewer’s use, select the specific viewer.

Within the individual viewer’s analytics, it is possible to see the amount of time the user spent viewing the media. It is also possible to see if any of the media was skipped or not viewed at all. Skipped sections of the media will display as blank areas in the individual’s analytics. The individual’s analytics will not display multiple views for individual users. It will always display as one view regardless of the number of times an individual has viewed the media.

Viewing individual view analytics

For a more comprehensive guide, or further information, please visit the following Canvas page: