Submitting Media

Media, self-created or uploaded content, can be submitted via discussions, assignments, or announcements.

You must first have created a video, screen capture, or uploaded media to submit.

Inserting Media into Discussions or Announcements via the Rich Content Editor

Within the Rich Content Editor:

  1. Select the Studio rich content editor icon Studio icon within the Canvas Rich Content Editor

    Note: If you do not see the Studio icon, your resolution may be too small. You can find Studio by selecting the three dots

    How to upload an Studio video
  2. Select media from the dialog box that opens

    Note: This box will show all personally generated media that can be inserted. Media can also be added at this time. To add media from a computer or to upload a video from YouTube, select the ADD button. In the pop-up dialog box, drag and drop a file, browse your computer, or paste a YouTube video link.

    There is not a shared repository at this time and all videos must come from personal uploads or self-created videos.

    Inserting media dialog box
  3. After selecting the media you wish to include, select Embed

    Embed the media
  4. For discussion responses, it is recommended to disable Display Media Tabs for uploaded Studio media. For information regarding enabling and disabling media tabs, please visit this page: Media Tabs

Inserting Media via Assignment Submissions

When reviewing grades for submitted assignments, students can only view the most recent submission. This includes comments, feedback, and any other information provided by the instructor. For Studio, any comments during the media, will only be viewable if the Studio submission is the most recent submission.

Some assignments may allow for Studio media submissions. After selecting Submit Assignment, an Studio tab will appear if this is an option.

How to submit an Studio video as an assignment

This Studio tab will take you directly to My Uploads where the media for submission can be selected. It is recommended that students use the Studio link in the global navigation to create media they plan on submitting as an assignment.

How to select an Studio video as an assignment

Select the media for submission. Choose to Allow Comments or not, choose to Display Download Option or not, then select Embed.

How to embed an Studio video as an assignment

Select Submit Assignment to be submitted for grading.

How to submit an Studio video as an assignment

Note: According to Canvas, best practice is to limit your recording to five minutes or 10 GB. If you are making longer media, use a lower resolution for recording and limit editing of your media to keep the file size smaller and easier to upload. If you plan on making a longer video, consider using your webcam’s built in recording software and then upload the media using Canvas Studio’s upload media feature.

For a more comprehensive guide, or further information, please visit the following Canvas page: