Embedding a Studio Quiz Into an Assignment

Once you have created media with a quiz, you need to embed the quiz into an assignment for students to interact with the media. This allows Canvas to automatically grade student responses.

Note: If you have not created a video with an interactive quiz, use the Create Quiz guide before completing this section.

  1. Locate Assignments in the course navigation.
    Assignments option in course navigation
  2. Select Assignment to create a new assignment.
    Adding assignment button
  3. Create the Assignment Name. Write a brief description and/or instructions in the text box.
    Description for the assignment
  4. Adjust settings for:
    • Points - Total number of points possible.
    • Assignment Group - These are used to apply grade weights. Be sure that you place the assignment in the correct category for proper grading.
    • Display Grade as - This adjusts the way students see their score.

    Assignment details such as points and group
  5. Select External Tool as the submission type, and select Find.

    Note: By default, Studio assignment dimensions are small. This display can make it difficult to read questions and responses. To make the media larger, select Load This Tool In A New Tab. Click here for an example of what this looks like in the course.

    defining the subimission type
  6. Select Studio from the external tool options.
    Choosing the external tool for the assignment
  7. In the pop-up window, hover over the video you have created as an interactive quiz, and select Select This.
    Selecting the quiz you just made
  8. Choose Video Quiz Embed, and select Embed.
    How to embed the quiz
  9. Click Select.
    Final select when making quiz
  10. Select Save & Publish. Click here for an example of how the students view the quiz.
    Save and publish button

Important: To make the assignment available to students, you must add it to a module. For information on how to do this, please visit the Canvas Guide: How do I add assignment types, pages, and files as module items?

For a more comprehensive guide, or further information, please visit the following Canvas page: