Collections in Canvas Studio allow you to organize your media library. Once created, you can share specific collections and media with other users.

Create a Collection

Go to Canvas Studio. Select + Collection.

add collection

Name the collection then select Create.

add collection

Begin adding videos to your collection by selecting Add Videos.

add videos to collection

Collection Options

Select to view the options.

collection options

Share a Collection

It is not required to share your collections, but if you wish to share, select and select Share Collection.

share collection

Add a user to your collection by typing their name or email address into the search bar.

Please note: You can't share a collection with a user who has not authenticated with Canvas Studio. They will at least need to have selected a Studio link to be able to view your collection.

can view option

Leave the dropdown setting Can View.

can view description

Can Edit is also an option.

can edit option

The Edit option should be used with caution. Giving another user the ability to edit your collections means they have the ability to edit or even delete your collection without your knowledge or permission.

View Shared Content

To view content that has been shared with you, select next to My Library.

my library

Select Shared with Me.

my library

You will see collections shared with you.

my library

For a more comprehensive guide, or further information, please visit the following Canvas pages: