To provide a consistent high quality online experience, Embry-Riddle Worldwide requires every student and faculty to meet the following requirements for Hardware and Software.

Note: Computer requirements are subject to change. Be sure to frequently check this guide to ensure your computer is up to date for ERAU courses. Failure to meet computer requirements may result in difficulty completing course work.

Tech Specs

Please review the required hardware and software specifications for worldwide courses.

Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

Quick Guidance

Military and Business Networks

Military and business networks typically have security limitations that may cause connectivity problems. Some networks block cookies, pop-ups, streaming media content, and Java applets. You may also find you have an older, outdated browser version installed which may not function properly with online courses. Military networks may also limit internet access time resulting in problems completing online exams. Please access courses from home or another computer location if you experience these problems.

Mac Computers

Academic programs including Engineering, Decision Sciences, and Technology Management require students have access to a machine with Microsoft Windows. Additionally, many software applications used in ERAU courses will only run on the Windows operating system. If you are a Mac user, a solution to using Windows-only software on your computer is to use virtualization. See the Mac Users page for recommendations.